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The Art of the Coffee Table Book

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I hate to admit that I am not a big reader… but I still LOVE books… Coffee table books are a great way to represent you and what your interests are to whomever visits your home. Whether it be travel, design, music or even philosophy there is a book for EVERY hobby and interest. And for every unique book title, there is unique way to display these books in your home- hint: not just on coffee tables. I love the idea of displaying your favorite art on an open page of a book on a console table. Here are a few other fabulous ways to decorate with books via Lonnymag:














And a few fabulous books to design with:

Building: 3,000 Years of Design, Engineering and Construction

Click to insert.

Vitamin P2 New Perspectives in Painting

Click to insert.

Sydney Opera House

Affair with a House: Creating a Comfortable Country Home

Proust Questionnaire

My parents have these friends who live in NY City. Every week they go out and buy whatever ten books are on the New York Times best sellers list and stack them up on their coffee table. At the end of the week they donate the books that were no longer on the list and head to the bookstore to get the ones they are missing. I know it sounds ridiculous but I imagine they were trying to tell a lot about themselves:  “we are up on the popular reads, we love the NY Times, and we are charitable.”

In my own apartment I have bookshelves in every room filled with beautiful books. Some were gifts and some I bought- but they all say a bit about who and my boyfriend are: I love decorating, green building, fashion and architecture. He loves basketball, reef-keeping, finance and diving. The books are organized by color which blends the many interests together in a wonderfully aesthetic way. I think it says a lot about how we bring our interests together on one shelf, under one roof.

How do you decorate with books? What do you hope your books say about you?


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One thought on “The Art of the Coffee Table Book

  1. You’ll find plenty of coffee table books lying around my home but you probably wont find them on the coffee table! I love reading while sipping away at some warm drink in the evening but I stopped placing my magazines and books on the coffee table simply because they attract so much dust here. Like in your first photo, I place them on a shelf.

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