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Rain Rain Go Away

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Today was one of those days… 45 degrees, dark and rainy. Its such horrible weather- I’d rather if it snowed. Its not that bad if you are driving somewhere- but keep in mind that I WALK to work- and i like to get there not looking like a drowned rat.

On top of the fact that I usually get home cold and soaking wet, its a really hard day to dress for! Especially when weather reports are not exactly the most accurate. Sometimes I will gear up in the morning- umbrella, coat, and rain boots combined in some adorable ensemble. But by the time I leave work, it has been sunny for several hours and walking home I look like a complete fool- magically everyone else has figured a way to ditch the rain attire and put on normal clothing EXCEPT ME. Today was thankfully the opposite. I might have looked a little overdone this morning with only a 50% chance of rain- but boy was I happy when I was prepared for my commute home šŸ™‚

Here is a cute rainy day outfit I put together to cheer up even the darkest clouds. The clear umbrella not only matches every outfit you could have- but its great for walking on streets when you need to not bump into people! Patent leather bags are also a must- the water just rolls right off. Cheer up the look with bright boots and a matching scarf and presto! City Slicker Rain Day Chic:

rainy workday


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