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the Thanksgiving Table

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In my family, I am not the star cook. When cooking a big meal- I am barely trusted with cutting the ends off string beans. However one thing I took charge of at a young age- with an obscene level of detail- was setting and decorating the table- and no one was going to help me, because they just didn’t do it right!

I’m pretty sure there are very few 6-year-olds who enjoy folding napkins or polishing silver- but I wanted our meal to look like a cover from Martha Stewart Living. From dish selection, to lighting the candles and picking the perfect centerpiece- I made sure they were all coordinated and beautiful. I like to think the look of the table made the dinner even more fancy and fabulous.

Here are ten things I am thinking about for this years thanksgiving table:

1.Cute place-cards for everyone. There might be only 6 of us, but I think its a fun touch for the table. I found these ones at my favorite store on Charles St- Rugg Road Paper Co.

2. Cream colored tablecloth. We have a beautiful lace one from Burano, Italy. It only comes out for the most special occasions.

3. Thanksgiving confetti- yes they make it! The glittery metallic reflects candlelight in a beautiful way.

4. Centerpiece from Winston Flowers. When you get an arrangement from Winston’s you can JUST TELL the difference. They have the most beautiful colors and unique flowers. I love how this one has fall leaves and artichokes.

5. Small taper candles in burgandy, green and gold. Everything looks better with flickering candlelight.

6. Serving pumpkin soup in pumpkin bowls. This presentation is food that appeals to all the senses. This recipe from Food Network looks especially promising.

7. Scatter around the table pears and gold spray painted gourds and mini pumpkins. Small groupings would stand out placed near the candles.

8. Chocolate box party favors. Whats a party without party favors? After its all over and you think you are completely stuffed- everyone will still have room for these adorable truffes.

9. Fancy folded napkins. My favorite way is a bishops hat. I remember as a kid thinking this was just like origami. It’s easier than you think- here is a great video how-to. If you are feeling lazy, pretty napkin rings would also work.

10. And last but not least- my family. Because what would a Thanksgiving table be without them?


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