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Terrariums: Victorian Novelties for Today

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Recently, I have been loving the idea of owning a terrarium. NO- not the aquariums with turtles and snakes in them- but the beautifully artistic, glass containers filled with carefully arranged moss, plants and stones.The idea behind a terrarium is a lot like a greenhouse- that glass environment creates a high level of humidity for the plants inside and thus you can grow exotic plants and others that might not be able to grow indoors. It is a wonderful combination of art, gardening and home decor.

Terrariums first became popular in Victorian England. Dr. Nathaniel Bagshad Ward (ridiculously proper Victorian name…) was studying the lifecycle of moths and created a glass enclosure to keep them in. While doing this he realized that the atmosphere was extremely conducive to growing ferns- a plant he had been having trouble growing in his own backyard. The air quality of England at this time was less than stellar and so he concluded that the miniature “fern case” was a fabulous discovery. This new-fangled contraption took the world by storm, wealthy Brits coming home from adventures in Asia and Africa could now take plant specimens, such as orchids, to display in their homes. Today the “Wardian Case” is probably the most common type of terrarium container.

However you can use whatever glass case you like. A great book for starting up your own terrarium is The New Terrarium by Tovah Martin. The pictures and decorating tips are priceless. I imagine a bookshelf filled with a grouping of small and large ones, or similar shapes used as bookends.

Here are some of the most beautiful terrariums on the web, by the amazing brooklyn based store: twig terrariums

Beautiful, whimsical, decor? How could you say no? Stay posted for my own terrarium coming soon šŸ˜‰


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