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A Little Joy to Put You in the Spirit


I hope everyone reading this had a happy, festive Thanksgiving. I cannot believe it is already behind us! Usually I quickly catch the Christmas bug, but this year the weather has been absolutely ridiculous- today it is nearly 70 degrees- In Boston! In November! It’s making things difficult. I don’t know how people in the south get into the spirit but to me Christmas is synonymous with COLD. I am actually look forward to walking around the city all bundled up, carrying parcels and humming Christmas songs. But since “the big day” is coming whether its cold or not- its time to start feeling festive- which why I am so happy to have discovered these videos from Bergdorf Goodman to put me right in a Christmas state of mind.

Bergdorf has some of the most elaborate Christmas windows in New York- the level of detail is like a scene out of an “I Spy” book- and its no surprise that they have a team devoted solely to window design. And what a fabulous dream job that must be! A little art, a little fashion, a little construction and a LOT of creativity. And to think that they have to continually develop fresh new ideas with every season! Here are some of my favorite shots from this year’s windows: “Carnival of the Animals”

North Pole Garden Party

She looks like a snow queen. Did you notice the tea buffet in the back? And the monkey serving champagne? (I think the term is singerie). Or the polar bear with a chef’s hat? Not to mention that gorgeous dress and fur!

Brass Menagerie
what is this dude? I love him.
I wish I lived in the 20s

The detail is mesmerizing.

If you love them all as much as me- and have $650- a perfect item for any Christmas list is this book put together by Assouline cataloging the “Windows at Bergdorf Goodman”. I would love it as a whimsical source of inspiration to return to again and again.

Now did that put you in the Christmas Spirit? Stay tuned.. we’ll get there together.


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