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On the second day of Christmas…I got this for myself

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20111227-112620.jpgI hope that everyone reading this had a happy and restful Christmas. I was so lucky to have my family come visit ME for a change- although it was stressful to host a holiday for the first time! One thing I think I certainly took for granted was the amount of servingware- platters silverware and glasses- that my mother has that I DO NOT. I guess all these things come with time but as someone who is not married and has not had that wedding registry gift giving-I now realize how important these things are in being the hostess with the mostess.

So today I compiled a little wish list that I hope to fulfill before the next holiday I host.

1. A tea set.

When the night is winding down and everyone is preparing for that cold trip home, the comfort of tea is just what your guests need. While pouring hot water out of the kettle into mismatched mugs is OK, what would be even better is a beautiful matching tea set.

2. A platter big enough for a roast. My mom lent me a cute hand-painted Santa one- but it certainly would be nice to have my own.

3. Enough silverware for 12 people. On a day to day basis I have about 6 mismatched dinner forks- well you should have seen the scramble for more! Nick ended up going to the store for plastic ones- so embarrassing!! A really nice silver set is definitely on the list for next year.

4. A wine decanter. Yes. You can pour straight from the bottle. But any wine aficionado will tell you that the wine has been closed up in the bottle, oxygen deprived for 5+ years and it needs time to aerate. This is the whole purpose of a wine decanter. In fact you should start decanting the MORNING of a dinner party. The wider the bottom the better (aka maximum surface area exposed to air). More than one would be ideal- since lets face it- you are going to drink more than one bottle of wine!!

5. Cake cutter and server. If you have any tricks for getting a pretty slice of pie or cake without one let me know!!!

Despite the “missing” items, I would say it was a successful party and a fabulous Christmas. What’s on your list for next year?


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