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Artwork by: Wolf Kahn


English: Example glass powder painting using t...Today I hung up my 2012 calendar (can you believe it!) and I was happy to remember that the one I had selected featured the amazing artwork of Wolf Kahn. A German born, American artist, Kahn is best known for his colorful landscapes. Using either pastels or oil paints, he creates a sense of lightness that defines his masterful style. His amazing work is bold yet light, expressive yet restrained. It is very hard to pinpoint under one category- and has been described as part of Abstract Expressionism, Realism, Modernism, American Impressionism, and more. I’ve put together a collection here for you to decide what you think for yourself.

this one is my favorite

One fabulous fact is that Kahn is still alive and still painting (probably until the day he dies). This means that these beautiful pieces are still available at realistic market prices. (well- $10,000 for the paintings, but $900 for the pastels!) I would give an ARM to have one of these guys hanging up above my bed. I could spend all day staring and getting lost in between the brushstrokes. There is almost a mystery to each painting that makes it so captivating.

Do you see the forest through the trees?


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5 thoughts on “Artwork by: Wolf Kahn

  1. Kahn is one of my favorite artists too. It is great to hear he is still painting. A Living Legend!

  2. Yes, I think I can!
    We picked the same painting as a favorite.

  3. Reblogged this on Chloe Hedley and commented:
    Beautiful Colours!

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