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Throwing my Two Cents in: Oscar Night


So I know there have been posts and articles all over the internet about the 84th Academy Awards- the success of the Artist, the dresses, drinking games with the Bridesmaids, and Sandra Bullock tearing up at every emotional sentence uttered- but let me throw out my opinions here.

I was somewhat disappointed by the Red Carpet. Maybe I put my childhood views on a pedestal but I think fewer and fewer big stars even show up to the Oscars. Maybe its a fear that they will forever be on the “worst dressed list”, the fact that they don’t want to bother with getting dressed up, or that they don’t really need the press of a red carpet in the age of the internet, but the pre-show seemed full of people who I had no clue who they were. It was also pretty bland- no one took a big risk or wore anything particularly show-stopping. The most exciting part was where Ryan Seacrest got literally “plastered” in faux ashes by “the Dictactor” Sacha Baron Cohen (which as Nick pointed out was the best advertising the movie could get – oh marketing majors)

My favorite look of the night was the forever young, Miss Piggy wearing Zac Posen. Sad and ironic that a Muppet was the best looking one there?

Although I did love the Alexander McQueen dress worn by Jessica Chastain- who also had 2 million dollars worth of Harry Winston yellow diamonds on. And while it received mixed reviews from the press, there is no denying it was by far the most unique and original dress there.

The “worst” look in my book went to Angeline Jolie- don’t get me wrong she is a very pretty lady and has worn some gorgeous outfits in the past. I’m not one of those Jolie bashing – “you are a homewrecker and I hate you” people. I just thought she looked ridiculous. At a night where old Hollywood glamor was the theme- you picked Jessica Rabbit to be your inspiration? Her dress might have had a chance if she didn’t end up adding her own pale accessory to it. So happy for the guy who mocked her on stage.

I don’t think its a surprise that my FAVORITE part of the event was the stage design! I think the art deco, old Hollywood movie theatre was done beautifully. The past few years has been all about modern abstract stages and I think for a year where the Best Picture award went to a silent 1920s style black and white movie it “set the stage” really well. AMAZING. It also gave a great illusion of depth for something so flat.

The stage was designed by John Myhre (known for production design for Chicago and Dreamgirls) and was decorated with no less than 6000 hanging Swarovski crystals. They even had cute concession girls handing out popcorn during the commercials to match the theme (as if any woman there was eating after being sewn into couture dresses!)

What were your thoughts?


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6 thoughts on “Throwing my Two Cents in: Oscar Night

  1. My favorite part was the Cirque du Soleil performance – they are always amazing!

    And as much as I love Meryl , I think that VIola deserved the Oscar for her performance in “The Help”.

    Penelope Cruz belongs at the top of the “best dressed” list, her gown was as gorgeous as she is.

  2. full disclosure: didn’t get to watch at all; but reason #172 why i hate Angelina Jolie — that stupid thing she did w/ her leg all night, she did it in every picture i’ve seen.

  3. Thanks for you comment on my Oscar picks! Glad I found yours here. I agree with Oscar stage setting was unique and beautifully done. Missed the Cirque performance, and I think Miss Piggy and Kermit deserve the best-dressed couple nod. thanks G for the Penelope Cruz mention. She was one of my fave’s too, with Jessica’s Alexander McQueen being my favorite overall. The Jessica Rabbit reference is totally precious! I didn’t think of that. Perfect! And yes, Angie was perfectly ridiculous, and Brad, oh, Brad, get that damn hair cut. You’re not 25 anymore.

    • Yes! Brad definitely needs a haircut…. just as ridiculous of a look for him as it was for Tom Brady. What are these guys thinking?

      Its unfortunate that I don’t have anywhere to wear some of these gorgeous dresses, they are to die for! Milla Jovovich was another favorite. just stunning.

      Either way I’m glad you liked the post!

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