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#YouGottaTryBoston (A Campaign for Top Chef: Boston)


As I’m sure many of you are, I am currently tuned into the season finale of Top Chef: Texas. But while Sarah vs. Paul is a great battle, I’m already thinking about next season- you see, I recently found out that there is currently a showdown between Boston and Portland to host the 10th season. The campaign even has its own facebook account and twitter hastag #yougottatryboston. So, I thought I would offer up my own 10 reasons why I think the 10th Top Chef season should be in Beantown:

1. SEAFOOD. Enough with the chefs going to the store and not finding fresh seafood! In Boston we could not only get them fresh seafood for every episode- but we could do one better- have an episode with them out on a fishing boat catching their own fresh fish and cooking it on board!

2. On a bit of the same note- lets have the chefs shuck a dozen cold water oysters from Welfleet or Duxbury and serve them up with their own tasty condiments in a quickfire challenge.

3. Three “top chefs” from Boston who would make great guest judges- Ming Tsai, Barbara Lynch and Ken Oringer.

4. A little bit to everyone’s surprise, Boston is home to some of the most creative and competitive burger places in the country. From Mr. Bartley’s, to 5 Napkin Burger, FOUR Burgers, U Burger, B.Good and more, we are all about creative concoctions well beyond the standard Beef Patties, American cheese and Ketchup. Lets have a challenge with the chefs creating their own signature burger!

5. Every year, on the 4th of July, we have an epic Chowderfest in the center of the city- a battle royal between local restaurants for the crown of city’s best ‘chowdah’. Can you imagine a quickfire between top chef contestants whipping up their own personal recipe?

6. Boston is definitely known for its Sports. Red Sox + Celtics + Bruins +Pats = 7 championships in 11 years! Top Chef Boston would definitely need to feature one of our amazing teams and some stadium inspired fare. I can just imagine watching them whip up fine dining while tailgating at Patriot Place or bringing their own unique twists to the Sausage and Pepper Stands at Fenway Park.

7. Boston is the birthplace of the American Revolution- Paul Revere, the Battle of Bunker Hill and the Boston Tea Party. We have the oldest restaurants in the country and the oldest buildings as well. We are also the home to the first chocolate makers in the United States. I’m sure a great challenge could be one inspired by use of Colonial ingredients. It could all take place at a famous colonial inspired location: Faneuil Hall.

8. Beer. Have you ever enjoyed a Sam Adams? how about Harpoon? Boston is home to some great Beer Makers and a Beer inspired challenge would be a really fun one. “Foods that taste great with Beer” or “Cooking with Beer” would certainly get the culinary inspiration going.

9. CSAs. In the Northeast we love our locally grown and sustainably harvested food. With so many farmer’s markets and CSA programs in Boston it is not hard to picture an episode where the chefs take a trip to a local farm and are forced to create a dish from a limited supply of seasonal ingredients.

10. Julia Child. Need I say more?

Julia in her Cambridge Kitchen

I don’t think anyone could disagree that these are 10 great reasons to bring Top Chef to Boston.. I know a few might be a little cheesy but nothing could be more ridiculous that whipping up fine dining on a gondola ride…. Anyone from Portland want to throw-down?

ps if you weren’t watching- spoiler alert!- Paul won.


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2 thoughts on “#YouGottaTryBoston (A Campaign for Top Chef: Boston)

  1. Great Post! vh

  2. Hey, have you sent this post to Top Chef yet? I am sure that they would appreciate your thoughts. I particularly like the idea of the “catch and cook”!

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