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Inspiration is Everywhere… Charlotte Olympia

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I saw these Charlotte Olympia shoes today at Neiman Marcus. Not only did they catch my eye- sadly $2400!!!- but I found the combination of banana leaf print and scrolling white iron so striking and unique! Yet at the same time, it seemed strangely familiar… and then it dawned on me… an image I had seen recently of the dining area at the Beverly Hills Hotel. There is no denying the similarity:

dual inspiration?

I just imagine the designer, sitting at the bar enjoying breakfast, or a great cocktail, when she gets a lightning bolt of inspiration and starts sketching these shoes out on the back of a napkin. With such a successful and creative combination of patterns and textures- its no surprise that she was inspired!

So this got me to thinking… I wonder what other places might have inspired Charlotte Olympia for her 2012 Spring Shoes….I mean I’ve seen rooms inspire outfits, and outfits inspire rooms, but I didn’t think about rooms inspiring an entire shoe line! But I guess it happens!

Obviously Charlotte Olympia did not have these exact images in her head (although I don’t know about the hotel..) but its crazy to think about how one thing inspires the next. Nothing is truly original in this world- what is original is putting your own personal spin on it!

What things inspire you and your work?

(rooms via pinterest. Shoes via Neiman Marcus and Net-a-Porter)


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One thought on “Inspiration is Everywhere… Charlotte Olympia

  1. great eye!! what a creative blog idea!!

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