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In honor of Easter, I was scouring the internet for an interesting egg shaped structure to showcase here when I stumbled across this:

How cool!

This “Cybertecture Egg” by James Law is scheduled to be built in Mumbai India, pushing the limits of architecture and design. But its not just the shape that makes this building remarkable. James Law is known for “Cybertecture” – his special brand of architecture for the 21st century that brings together architecture, environmental design, intelligent control systems, and evolutionary engineering. These buildings of the future are highly conceptual and pushing the limits of what a “green building” entails.

The concept behind the Cybertecture Egg comes from the planet being a self-sustaining vessel with an ecosystem that allows life to exist, grow and evolve. In the same way, the building attempts to be self sustaining and will be one of the most technologically advanced green buildings, incorporating sky gardens for sun shading and oxygen replenishment, photovoltaic cells integrated in the facade and a water recycling system.

You can read more about the building design and green features here. I for one am really excited to see the finished product of this building. It would be amazing if the future of architecture really does mean self sustaining buildings and less impact to the environment. Technology has permeated almost every aspect of our life- why not the buildings we live in too?

In the meantime, check out a few more of these amazing James Law Cybertecture structures:

Parinee I

The Capital

Wadala Tower

Edu Park

Indra Tower



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3 thoughts on ““Cyber”tecture

  1. wow!great pics, especially the Cybertecture egg and the Wadala Tower,

  2. What a great selection of unique buildings. I love seeing architecture like so! Great post – thanks for sharing!

  3. Outstanding…..and green too! Thanks for sharing the research.

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