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“Part of Your World”


I think every girl of my generation LOVED the Little Mermaid with a passion (seriously the songs… the characters… ERIC!). As a girl of 4 years old, so much like Ariel wanted to be a human, I SO desperately wanted to be a Mermaid! It was something I DEFINITELY would have traded my voice for- and I tried everything to make it happen: singing in the bathtub, swimming at the pool, staying in the ocean until near hypothermia (and my parents basically forcing me out of the water). Alas, no evil octopus/witch ever offered me the opportunity so yes, I am still human. BUT, since then, I have learned to scuba dive- which I’ve accepted is probably as close to being a Mermaid as I’m ever going to get.

Nick and I just got back from a trip to Cozumel for a wedding/ scuba diving extravaganza. Sorry to abandon my posts! But the weather was perfect, the bride looked amazing, and I LOVED every minute of diving. The fish and corals there were so colorful and fabulous! I’ve been quite a few places around the Caribbean and this was my favorite so far. So, as a first day back to blogging I’ve decided to share some of my pictures. Let me know what you think! More photos to come as we put them through photoshop!


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9 thoughts on ““Part of Your World”

  1. It is a whole different world under the water…nice photos.

  2. Amazing photographs! Love the turtle!

  3. Beautiful photographs-handsome couple! Great trip! xo vh

  4. I went scuba diving and snorkelling in the Maldives during my honeymoon. It was AMAZING. I didn’t want to leave the water at all…

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