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Post Winter = Pre Fall = Spring?!

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Today I had two very infuriating moments. Both of them seasonal.

The first, was when I walked out my front door to catch the elevator and encountered this: 20120514-113204.jpg

I’m sorry- is that a Christmas Tree?! Are you aware that Christmas was 5 months ago? How is it that you are ONLY JUST throwing away your tree now. (if we can even call this throwing it away- i mean, you just leave it in the hallway and expect someone to take care of it for you!?)- not to mention the fact that in our building if you just CALL the front desk in January, they send someone to PICK UP your tree and cart it out of the building for you!!! And lets just think about this for a minute- this means that you had a Christmas Tree sitting in your apartment all this time?! Were you not worried about fires? Did it not smell and shed pine needles everywhere? Judging by the state of our COMMUNAL hallway- I gotta imagine your apartment is a disaster- and well.. you deserve it.

My second frustration of the day happened at work, when I opened my email to this:

Pre-Fall? Already? I mean I’ve only JUST stopped wearing sweaters two weeks ago and now you are advertising them all over again? And what is Pre-Fall anyway? I KNOW it doesn’t mean Summer (which is what a logical person would think) Wool pants, oranges and maroons? In MAYYYYYY….Who shops this way? Why can’t I buy a bathing suit in July- the time of year when one would ACTUALLY be looking to wear a bathing suit? This February, when it was still snowing, Nick lost his black wool jacket and we went to Nordstrom to replace it. Well in the ENTIRE MALL, there was not one warm jacket to be found. I mean I get it- you can’t have a fashion show one day and next week start selling clothes. So designers are showcasing Spring clothes at their Fall fashion shows so that they can spend the winter sewing and be prepared for demand come “Spring”. But then, in an age of “I need it now” they are pushing the turn around times further and further back (or forward, I’m confusing myself…) which ends up selling Fall Clothes before summer even rolls around. Who knows what the thought is, but maybe SOMEDAY Fall will actually once again be FALL and Spring will actually be SPRING.

I guess I’m putting this question to the consumer- can’t we just embrace one season at a time? Why must I be looking at back to school items in June and Christmas in October? Can we stand on Fifth Avenue picketing the streets and boycotting department stores until they start supplying us with the clothes we actually need?

Am I the only one here? Or is this just a case of the Mondays….


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One thought on “Post Winter = Pre Fall = Spring?!

  1. Finally …………. someone who keeps up their Christmas tree longer than I do!

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