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Easy Entertaining: Melon and Prosciutto


Happy Friday! In honor of Memorial Day and the unofficial start to summer I wanted to feature one of my favorite snacks inspired by luncheons at outdoor cafes in Italy. Melon and Proscuitto is such a simple salty sweet combination, if you haven’t tried it before- prepared to be amazed with how fast this platter will disappear! Good thing its easy to create in under 15 minutes!

Melon and Prosciutto Plate

  • Cantaloupe
  • Thinly Sliced Prosciutto
  • Breadsticks

Slice up your cantaloupe, you can buy pre-cut melon to save time- but I recommend taking the extra effort- its not only cheaper but definitely more juicy! (as a side story- today I asked the grocer at WF which looked the ripest and we ended up cutting into a few together to see which ones were the best! Talk about a free sample!)

Now take a large platter and creatively arrange your cantaloupe. I did semi-sunbursts but you could do a giant mound or even use a melon baller and create little rounds. Next take the single slices of prosciutto and add them to the plate. I served with bread-sticks, you can even get fancy and wrap the prosciutto around the bread-sticks and make lollypops.

Was that not the easiest recipe yet?! I hope you invite some friends over this weekend for apps and drinks!


Author: beautiful Life and Style

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2 thoughts on “Easy Entertaining: Melon and Prosciutto

  1. Gorgeous, a favourite of mine any season, any day!

  2. Great, fresh presentation. vh

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