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Destination: South Africa


Summer is for Adventures. Where would you go if you could go anywhere? What would you bring? And what would you see and do?

I don’t know about you, but I think a great adventure would be to go on safari in South Africa. Africa is one of the last frontiers on this earth. They still take pride in their indigenous cultures, they have hundreds of miles of unpopulated grasslands, and need I even mention elephants, zebras and giraffes?? So when polyvore ran a summer adventure contest, I quickly got my wheels spinning to create this set encompassing all I would look forward to in an African Adventure.

My Summer Safari

The beauty of the modern safari is that while you are completely immersed in the wild, you don’t exactly have to rough it. In fact, its quite the opposite. There are so many amazing 5-star game reserves which are a far cry from tents and campfires. I happened to find the Londolozi Game Reserve– the ORIGINAL safari lodge- and I think it would fit the bill perfectly:

outdoor dining in the wild

I can’t pinpoint what African interior design is. but I LOVE it

and lets not forget the animals!!!!

my life will not be complete until I see baby elephants in the wild

So would you love to go on a glamorous safari? Or are you more of a rough-and-tough adventurer?

Author: beautiful Life and Style

Out to prove to the world that "Stylish Engineer" is not an oxymoron. Always expanding my knowledge of art, architecture, fashion and entertaining while creating a beautiful life and style.

3 thoughts on “Destination: South Africa

  1. great Blog!

  2. Don’t forget to book a ticket on The Blue Train. It is definitely the most luxurious way to travel!

  3. love the entry! my horse ran away with me down a hill when I was on safari in South Africa… your version looks way more glamorous!

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