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Do you miss the days of old fashioned snail mail? I remember I used to get SO EXCITED every time I got a letter with my name on it. Yes, I completely agree that email is much more modern, and certainly faster, but I think we lose a lot of the personality that comes with handwritten cards. Typically the only time I get mail it is either a bill, or a rare wedding invitation or Christmas card. But I think we should go back to personalized stationery for every occasion! (or even the quick hello) which is why I am absolutely obsessed with the cards at Paperless Post.

Paperless Post is a website combining the best of both worlds with an amazing array of customizable greeting cards and party invitations that are sent as emails. They range from modern and quirky, to sweet and sentimental, to Emily Post style traditional. And this is not your average facebook events emails or Evite- this is a customizable letter that comes in an actual envelope (with matching liner!) that opens magically before the recipients eyes. I love that the cards look like actual letterpress paper from the cutest and most expensive store- but instead these are pennies (and some are free) to send and still 21st century fast. Each design is better than the last- I spent hours picking out the cards for our most recent party.  Here are a few of my favorite designs:

Don’t they just inspire you to send a letter right now!?


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2 thoughts on “Paperless Post

  1. I love paperless post too!! Some of their stationery styles are cuter than anything I’ve ever seen in a paper store!

  2. I can’t wait to send one of these as a thank you note. These cards are so much more interesting than thanking someone with an ordinary email.

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