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The Design Minded Dorm Room

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Boston is definitely a “college town”- it feels like we double in size every September. For me its been 8 years since the freshman experience, and the arrival of Fall is starting to make me a little nostalgic, seeing the fresh batch of kids running around the city in the same way I remember. This is the week most schools are heading back so I decided to do a few posts about my recommendations for college dorm style. Obviously these pointers are not for the average student, but for anyone who wants to make their space feel more like a home. (They might also be good tips for a first apartment)

When I was a freshman, I had very few ideas of how to design my room. I ended up bringing WAY too much stuff and the only thing I knew was that I wanted it to be pink. Pink hangers, pink bedding, pink laundry basket, pink lamp (I can go on…). While some of it was gorgeous, a lot of it didn’t make it past the first year. So this time, the imaginary time, I’m stepping back and going for a more thought out color scheme featuring gold, grey, navy and green and incorporating pieces that are built to last. While its a little more expensive, in four years you will be happy to have decor to bring into your first place off campus. In addition to mixing up the colors, I incorporated a lot of different textures and styles- its one way to make the otherwise horrible institutional space feel a little softer.

the design minded dorm room

1. A beautiful box to store your treasures, jewelry, cash and secrets..

2. Solo Cups? Please. Get yourself a nice set of glasses- and a few extra to store keys/ use as tea lights/ hold your toothbrush in etc.

3. Most dorms don’t allow candles- be a rebel.

4. Curtains. Yes, most dorms provide blinds. But if we are putting this much effort into our decor- do we really want to come up short here?

5. Add a little life to your room with a plant. Fiddle leaf figs are trending in the design world right now- I for one am OBSESSED.

6. A cute tissue box. Because crying after that horrible math exam will be that much better.

7. In college most everyone tapes up 900 pictures of their high-school friends on the wall. Its FINE to do, but super cliche and I really recommend narrowing it down to a few favorites and finding beautiful frames for them.

8. Posters in a college dorm are almost a requirement. However everyone usually ends up with the same 5 (Guinness drinking monkeys anyone?). This one featuring the art deco work of Erte is especially striking and pulls together a lot of the colors in the room.

9. Glam throw pillows- for tossing at your snoring roommate, propping you up, and of course for making your bed look fabulous.

10. Your alarm clock will soon become your best friend and your worst enemy, might as well make it a pretty one.

11. Guaranteed you will have at least one time where someone sleeps over- whether its a high-school friend or a little sister- make sure you have something for them to sleep under!

12. Laundry basket required- if you are worried about toting this one to the closest laundry room, also get a cheap bag to carry your clothing down the hall in.

13. A great storage bench is not only the perfect way to store linens, but also a seat for the frequent visitor. It can also triple as a side table depending on how you arrange your room. This one is pricey, but it is a piece you will keep through college and into your first apartment.

14. Bedding. Also a little pricey, but trust me that you will be happy to have a quality set. My tip? Skip on the Twin XL quilt (only getting the sheets) and invest in a queen size comforter freshman year. You’ll have it forever.

15. Some dorms are downright old and disgusting. Do you really want your fabulous footsies touching that 40 year old rug every day? Invest in a great bold rug for yourself.

This is just the first half of my dorm room recommendations- more to come tomorrow!!!


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  1. Those candles are also great for travel. I have yet to set off a hotel smoke alarm!

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