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The Design Minded Dorm Desk

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As a continuation of yesterday’s post, I’ve put together a collection of great items for decorating a college dorm- this time focusing on the desk. In college you spend hours upon days upon weeks studying, and in my opinion, having some beautiful desk accessories makes the work a little brighter.

While the theme here is for a dorm- I’m quite taken with many of the items, so I think they would also make great decor for a cubicle or home office!

The design minded dorm desk

1. Thank you notes- yes to say thank you for a lovely gift- but also great to send to your favorite professors after the semester- trust me that they will appreciate the thought come grade time! (and for recommendations later down the road!)

2. A cute planner to keep track of dinner dates and sorority socials.

3. I love this Art Deco calendar – the colors bring the whole theme together  (And did you notice- it matches yesterday’s poster!)

4. Most dorms come with lamps- but they are ugly, industrial and have a horrible fluorescent glow. Buy a quality lamp that you will have forever.

5. As much as I LOVE plants- I have to admit that I killed every single one I had in college- wish I had found this pretty preserved boxwood- mist once a month? I can do that!

6. Oh you don’t like bunny tape dispensers? I guess we can’t be friends anymore.

7. These gorgeous brass bookends are sold out, but if you do an Ebay search, there are many more to choose from!

8. Quick! The cute boy you’ve been admiring all semester, who barely knows you exist, just asked you for a pencil- make sure to lend him one with your name on it!

9. I used to have a tradition that whenever I was working past midnight, I would make myself some tea and light a fabulous candle- it made late night studying all the better.

10. A paperweight that makes a loving statement. Double love!

11. Its hard to anticipate in advance the kind of filing system you will like to keep at school, but I can say that the easiest way to do things is have one big tray or bin to put all of your papers in.

So. Are there any college dorm essentials you think I’m missing?


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One thought on “The Design Minded Dorm Desk

  1. that bunny tape dispenser is SO cute! Love!

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