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Manhattan Fruitier

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Very successul FNO last night! Only downside was that I didn’t get home in time to prepare a post- so I’m sorry today’s is a bit late, and doesn’t feature a quick recipe, but in keeping with a Friday=Food theme, I’ll introduce you to my new favorite gift baskets.

This past week when Nick and I were in LA, we were lucky enough to stay with one of my oldest and dearest friends Emma (of She was such a wonderful hostess and we had a fabulous time swimming at Venice Beach and having fancy dinner in Santa Monica. Our visit was brief, but as soon as we got back to Boston I knew I wanted to send a small thank you gift. (as any guest should!)

Enter Manhattan Fruitier. This company is known for the quality of their fruits and treats and each hamper is hand-packed and decorated using flowers, leaves and ribbons. And while they ship nationwide, they maintain the quality of a small local shop. I opted for a New England themed Caramel Apple box and I was so happy to hear that she absolutely loved it! Her reaction was like a gift unto itself-I love gift giving- it brings me so much joy to research and pick something out 🙂

So now, I wholeheartedly recommend them for any gift giving you might have yourself! They have quite the assortment of different hampers for any occasion. Whether you want to send a chocolate cake for someone’s birthday, or a box of citrus to a sick friend, I’m sure you could find the perfect one. Happy gifting!


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