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I had a post planned for today. Well sort of- it was going to be late. But then I realized that most of the blogging world paused to stop and reflect on September 11th and my usually happy commentary didn’t seem to fit with the vibe of a historically somber day. I’ll save it for tomorrow.

I remember September 11th very well. I was a tenth grader at an all girls highschool in Greenwich CT. Its a sheltered place devoid of poverty or tragedy- but that day there was no escaping the news. It was the only day of my entire education that the happy existence in a sterile bubble felt shattered. Friends lost family, I watched two buildings fall, people were “missing”, my mom picked us up from school worried that the world might end and this large, dark cloud of smoke hovered in the sky to the south of us. I remember that a lot of our TV channels didn’t work because the signal was sent from the world trade center- but I remember watching TV and then not being emotionally capable to watch anything at all. My sister and I watched Disney movies.

We had memorials, and candlelight ceremonies, moments of silence followed by lists of names- and names and names. We had drives to feed volunteers and friends didn’t come to school for days. But then we picked up the pieces and tried to move on. There was the Concert for NY, and the Yankees were in the World Series, and the dedication of memorials. “Always Remember, Never Forget” became the official mantra in New York.

But its been 11 years and where are we now? I don’t want to sound insensitive but when do we stop remembering with such intensity? Do we? Should we? I read this article in the New York Times today and I think it summed up a lot of how I feel. How can we fulfill our sense of what is appropriate without completely living in the past and also without any real new “news” surrounding the day?

I’m very back and forth on this issue but I’m curious what you all might think. For me, I will never forget, but its also something I don’t exactly like to remember with such intensity.


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  1. I understand your intense feelings and I have shared them in years past until I participated in the Healing Fields. It was an event that helped me reach a more comfortable level of remembrance of this tragic day. Go to my blog to learn more about the Healing Fields and how it helped me. It can help you too.

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