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Grace Coddington

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I have a certifiable girl crush on Grace Coddington. As someone who generally shies away from the limelight, she has quite a significant role in one of the most well distributed magazines in the world- Vogue. Her trademark red hair, her love for cats, her amazing talent- not to mention that she is gorgeous- whats not to love? Grace started as a model in London in the early 60s, worked a British Vogue for several years and eventually became Fashion Director for Vogue in 1988. She styles several shoots for each issue and they are ALWAYS my favorite ones. But I really fell in love with her personality when watching The September Issue. Her battles with Anna Wintour are hilarious and you can see her passion for fashion editorials at work.

note the DVF Wrap dress!

Modeling Dior in UK Vogue

You may or may not be familiar with Grace Coddington the individual, but if you have picked up Vogue in the past 20 years I am certain that you are familiar with her work. Grace’s styling has such a characteristic softness to it- and anytime the shoot focuses around a fairytale or historical character- you can count on it that it was hers. She is so gifted in the art of storytelling. Each image is rich with detail- I imagine warehouses full of props and accessories.

I also admire her ability to place the models in the shot- there is always an image with a model slouching or jumping in a unique way and she has a crazy ability to group ten people together with each standing out with a unique pose.

Edith Wharton

Alice in Wonderland

Hansel and Gretel

Marie Antoinette

Asia Major

Do you love Grace as much as I do? What is your favorite shoot? Mine is STILL the Marie Antoinette shot at Versailles with Kirsten Dunst in custom ballgowns. In fact I have this one hanging in my closet (which also means I cut up the best issue ever- which I regret):

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