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Fall Colors

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Yesterday Nick and I went to Fenway Park for an amazing food festival hosted by Phantom Gourmet. Even though it was pretty chilly with on and off showers- there isn’t much that will scare away a New England crowd, and people turned up to sample the 100+ vendors in swarms. We tried everything from clam chowder to pulled pork sandwiches and there was definitely a healthy dose of people watching. Which is where this post really begins. I was almost at the point of disgust to see that 99% of people at the event were wearing jeans- and the only reason I can’t say 100% is because I wore black leggings. I wish I had taken a picture to demonstrate how everyone looked exactly the SAME.

Which got me thinking, since when are jeans the American uniform? When given the option we seriously wear nothing else! Don’t believe me? Look around. At the grocery store? Jeans. At the airport? Jeans. At a bar? Jeans! I mean I get it – there are few options for pants that are comfier or more versatile than your trusty blue jeans, especially when it starts to get cold- but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options! Especially this season, because the amount of colored denim in stores is almost more than regular jeans! There are no excuses, ladies! I know this past summer pastel jeans started working their way into Boston wardrobes- but lets not stop there! I’ve rounded up a few beautiful examples of how to wear these colored jeans right through fall-  would you do it? Which look is your favorite?

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One thought on “Fall Colors

  1. does this mean you approve of my RED jeans?? hope so!!

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