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Easy Entertaining: Roasted Grape Bruschetta

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Have you ever tried roasted grapes? I hadn’t either.. but last night I came across this recipe and gave it a shot for myself. Let me just say that they were AMAZING and SO SIMPLE. You must try them this weekend! Imagine a cross between a tart juicy grape, your favorite bottle of wine, and a raisin. But warm. I promise in a good way.

I’m sharing someone else’s awesome recipe here but I’ve reworked it slightly to be truly idiot proof:

Roasted Grape Bruschetta

What you need:

  • A bunch of red grapes
  • Baguette
  • Olive Oil
  • Fresh Ricotta
  • Salt and Pepper

Set the oven to 425 degrees. Slice the baguette at an angle to make 1/4-1/2 inch slices. Arrange on half of a baking sheet. Pick the grapes off the stems and spread out on the other half of the sheet. Sprinkle everything with olive oil and gently shake the sheet around to roll the grapes in the oil. Flip the slices of bread over and repeat. Now stick this in the oven for 10-15 minutes until the grapes begin to bust and the bread magically becomes toast.

Now, without burning your fingers, spread a dollop of ricotta on each toast and top with a spoonful of grapes. Add salt and pepper to your liking. And that’s it!

They would be perfect to try on the same night you make my Ricotta Bruschetta– they are the same with only one extra ingredient (but completely different flavor)


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