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Ladies do NOT wear hoods


Hello October! It might have been 80 this past weekend but this week it’s not supposed to go above 60 and just like that- we’ve entered coat season. I’m actually surprised I haven’t blogged about coats before. If you know me well, you probably know that I have quite an addiction. In my closet there are my trenches in several lengths and weights, wool jackets in ever color and a few fancy treasures. You can have your $3000 “it” bags…. I DIE for a new coat. This probably stems from an addiction started early in life by my mother and then solidified later by my father who used to take me to the mall SOLELY to purchase “a coat for every occasion”.

So today, I thought I would share a few of my “coat rules” for buying AND wearing:

1. Keep it timeless and simple- but make sure there is one special detail to each coat. This could be anything from a belt, fancy buttons or a unique color.

2. layer, layer, LAYER! Coats are just another accessory- and look great when matched to the rest of the outfit

3. Don’t be afraid of cropped sleeves- a perfect excuse to invest in leather opera gloves!

4. Match the length of your coat to the length of your dress or shirt. I get it. Not everyone has 30 jackets to pull from. But if you are wearing a pencil skirt- DON’T wear a pea coat- it ruins the entire look. There are of course, some exceptions, but this is a good go by.

5. Burberry is ALWAYS worth the money. So if you get the chance, spring for it.

6. You might be accused of being a fashion victim, but it is very on trend to wear your coat draped over your shoulders. It treats the coat like a frame for the rest of your outfit.

7. Ladies do NOT wear hoods. This one actually came to me from a salesman at the Neiman Marcus at Copley Place, but has stuck with me ever since. I think next to my length rule, this is my number 1. Obviously a heavy raincoat hood for running errands or working on the farm might warrant breaking this, but if the goal is to look chic- scratch any coat with a head covering. Invest in a pretty umbrella and hat instead.

Now go out there being warm AND fashionable!


Author: beautiful Life and Style

Out to prove to the world that "Stylish Engineer" is not an oxymoron. Always expanding my knowledge of art, architecture, fashion and entertaining while creating a beautiful life and style.

3 thoughts on “Ladies do NOT wear hoods

  1. Loved this post! I am guilty of having a coat with a hood — but it’s a reaaaally warm one that’s meant for snow! Does that count? 🙂 That said, I am on the hunt for a great coat that is also fashionable. Loving these images!

  2. Audrey Hepburn did not own a hoodie, that’s for damn sure. Beautiful coats in this posting! I have my ladylike coats, trenches, leather and sporty ones with hoods. When I wear a hood I feel outdoorsy and athletic, which I like too. Different sides to my personality, I guess.
    x Laura

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