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A home in the city


If you follow me on instagram you might know that this past weekend Nick and I went for a nice Fall stroll through Back Bay and Beacon Hill, two of Boston’s oldest neighborhoods.

The homes in this area were built well before anyone alive was born and there is so much charm in the uncorrupted, traditional architecture. I mean- what other major city has this? Save for the lone air conditioner- this picture could have been taken in 1904 and would probably have looked exactly the same. I always wonder what secrets these homes hold of the former residents. What people lived there? What historical events were discussed or occurred between these walls.

And then of course after ogling to the point of tourist excess, I go one step further to wonder what these homes look like on the inside. While most of these townhouses have been divided up into several units- every one in a while you realize that some of them are single family homes. Living in a townhouse is probably my dream of dreams and I always enjoy looking at real-estate listings online its always good motivation to keep working. So yesterday, I happen to come across this one.

It is an ACTUAL house. Like two story, 3000 square feet, with shingles and windows, and ivy crawling up the sides, and trees in front, and a style somewhat reminiscent of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but IN THE CITY.  This “Sunflower Castle” in Beacon Hill is currently on the market for $4.6 mil and while the colors are agreeably- out there- I can’t get over how charming it is! If you ever have trouble deciding between living in the city vs the suburbs- this is the house for you!

Sunflower Castle

exposed beams? LOVE

gorgeous details!

this looks cozy

And then it just goes completely insane:

let me remind you… this is DOWNTOWN BOSTON

So yeah. I guess the bar just got set a little higher.


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2 thoughts on “A home in the city

  1. I could see myself living here! Wow!

  2. We just got back from Boston and I loved the Back Bay area! Great pic.

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