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Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures…


Today I’m going all out.

Tonight I am going to an opening at the MFA for their new Mario Testino exhibit with Nick AND……….. my sister, Maggie! Didn’t know I have a sister? She doesn’t make it into my posts often because I rarely get to see her, which is why I’m EXTRA excited that she is driving up to join in the fun! The event is certain to pull some big names in fashion so the pressure is ON to look good- which is why today, I’ve turned to my favorite diet book “The Little Black Dress Diet”

The book features several different diet regimens, but my favorite is “24 hours to beat the bloat” because – lets be honest- we all could use a little last minute slimming before slipping on a gorgeous dress.

Curious to the secret? Lemons. Mixed in between every “meal” is 2 glasses of hot water with lemon. I use the word meal lightly because today’s breakfast is oatmeal and lunch is “a sizable bunch of grapes, an apple and a banana that is slightly brown”. I get a tasty “snack” in the afternoon of 6 dates. They also recommend a bizarre tea concoction with chopped parsley and fennel seeds (hey- I”m desperate here!). So, hopefully I’ll be looking like Audrey Hepburn in no time!

well.. maybe.

And don’t worry, I’ll have a great recap about the event tomorrow.


Author: beautiful Life and Style

Out to prove to the world that "Stylish Engineer" is not an oxymoron. Always expanding my knowledge of art, architecture, fashion and entertaining while creating a beautiful life and style.

2 thoughts on “Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures…

  1. Fabulous Exhibit! Hope to see it when I am in Boston. vh

  2. Have fun and tell us all about it!
    x Laura

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