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I have to keep today’s post quick but I just wanted to rave about the new beauty products I received today from Aedes de Venusta. I had recently read reviews about Duchess Marden and their all natural approach to beauty products. I have sensitive, fair skin so I’m pretty careful about what I lather on my face- I figured I would give their regimen a shot and see if it worked for me. Roses have been used for centuries for their cleansing and therapeutic properties. Duchess Marden isn’t sold in your average department store, so I went on a bit of a hunt.

Enter Aedes. This small store in New York City has the most unique and beautiful fragrances and skin care products. You can just tell that everything on the website has been carefully curated- each product is special. I can’t speak enough praises to their customer service. I ordered my products and received them THE NEXT DAY. No overnight shipping. No rush delivery. Additionally, with each order, Aedes sends you 7 free perfume samples to test out. I wasn’t familiar with many of the unique scents they carry so in my order I gave them a little information about my favorite scents (florals, citrus and pepper) and they hand picked ones I would like. Some of these ended up being from $250 bottles! This one ended up being my favorite:

As for the Duchess Marden products, it may be too soon to tell. My face certainly feels clean and fresh and I’m loving the rose scent. They also certainly win points for product packaging!




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