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Easy Entertaining: Charcuterie Plate


Is there anything better in life than cheese and cured meats? I challenge you to find it… Last night I went out to dinner with one of my girlfriends and we shared an amazingly enjoyable plate of charcuterie, cheeses and spreads. Which got me thinking- how EASY is it to put one of these together? I think, my friends, easy enough to present here as easy entertaining.

The art of charcuterie dates back to the Roman Empire- it originally was a method of preserving meat. But after the advent of the refrigerator, we kept these recipes around because they taste just so darn good! The selections range from  salami and bacon to pates and rilletes. Two of my favorites? Coppa and Soppresatta.

This post is a bit of cheat, because really, there is no cooking involved in putting together a great platter. Assuming that you have these things on hand, I can’t think of a quicker dish to put together for guests. Select a few meats, a few cheeses- its hard to go wrong.  But, just in case you get overwhelmed by the choices, I’ve come up with this fool proof guide:

Charcuterie Plate

Might have to do this for dinner 2 nights in a row. Have a great weekend!


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3 thoughts on “Easy Entertaining: Charcuterie Plate

  1. Looks Fabulous, I’ve printed out and will copy, paste and serve! Have a great weekend! Stay on dry land! xo VH

  2. This looks great , what wine would you drink with this red.white or rose?

    • Good question! I’m no sommelier but my first inclination would be a red- disclaimer- it is my favorite. If you google “wine with charcuterie” you can see the question has been heavily debated. There are a lot of picks for a light red like Beaujolais. Other recommendations include champagne or beer because the bubbles break up the fatty flavors of the meat, and some articles pick sherry. So it sounds like a lot comes down to preference- give a few a try with some more inexpensive bottles- you probably can’t go wrong 🙂 Cheers!

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