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Unexpected Thanksgiving Table Color Schemes


I’m sorry for my hiatus from blogging toward the end of last week. I got caught up in the post apocalypse Sandy coverage, Halloween candy overdose coma, brain numbing GRE studying and Nick FINALLY returning from vacation whirl of activity.

But its November and I’m excited to start thinking about my favorite holiday (seriously- this one IS my favorite) Thanksgiving. (aren’t you glad I didn’t say Christmas?) I love everything about Thanksgiving, as a celebration of fall family and food. As per usual, I’m already thinking about how I will set the Thanksgiving table and this year, I”m hoping to do something more unexpected. Everyone has seen a red and orange centerpiece but how about some OTHER fabulous color schemes? Here are a few of my favorite combinations:

Purples and Magenta: Who says that all of the fall leaves are orange and yellow? The deeper plum and cranberry colors of Fall deserve equal attention and create a beautiful organic feeling especially when paired with wood and linen.

Creams and Metallics: These bronzes and golds pop when placed with white linens and plates. I love the idea of copper spray painted gourds. And the candles? What an elegant look!

Blues and Gold: Probably the least expected color scheme for Thanksgiving- Blues with Oranges and Gold is a wonderful combination. It feels so warm and inviting! The last image, from the October 2010 issue of Lonny Magazine is my favorite table setting. EVER. for any holiday!! I love the richness of the colors and the layering of different textures and patterns.

So, are you more traditional- or do you feel inspired to try out an unexpected color scheme for your feast this year?

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5 thoughts on “Unexpected Thanksgiving Table Color Schemes

  1. Some beautiful ideas! Love the non-traditional color schemes. This year we are doing a color scheme of Henna Red, Chocolate Brown, and Nutmeg Spice Orange. It falls more on the traditional side but very earthy with a lot of natural elements being included (as you can see in some of the posts that I’ve already started doing on our holiday entertaining 🙂 ) The idea though is that each year we will do a different color scheme. Your plum and cranberry idea sounds perfect for next year!

  2. just lovely!!! thanks for sharing your ideas — i maybe inspired to try something new!!!

  3. Love that pheasant in the last picture. My mom actually had a pair which watched over all of our holiday gatherings.

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