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Cards that Give

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Christmas is coming! And with that its time to shop, wrap, gift and don’t forget the cards! Did you know that the US spends approximately 2 BILLION dollars on Holiday cards every year??? I would have never guessed a number that large. I mean, it makes sense, but its crazy to think of all of that money being spent on a piece of paper that most people put on the fridge for a few weeks and eventually throw away. Wouldn’t it be great to make sure that your card not only wishes someone a Happy Holiday, but also does something good for your community??

Well I”m so happy to have discovered Cards that Give. This site brings together all of the charitable holiday cards from around the country so that you can choose one that not only is artistic, but also benefits a cause of your choice. You can search by charity name, location, or type. So whether you want to support your favorite museum, or the local animal shelter- there is a card for everyone. And I know that whoever receives it will be happy knowing that part of the money you spent on them also did good for others. Isn’t that what this season is all about??

I’ve picked a few to share here just to show the variety of options. They all are beautiful and benefit causes that are important to me- but check out the site- there are hundreds more!

City Meals on Wheels: While National attention may have shifted there are so many people still affected by the damage of Hurricane Sandy. City Meals on Wheels is working to ensure that all home bound elderly people in the NY area have meals this holiday.

Friends of Boston’s Homeless: I can’t imagine what it is like to be homeless- especially in a city as cold as Boston. Friend’s of Boston’s Homeless helps homeless individuals gain independence through education, employment, life skills development, and permanent housing. I always love picking Christmas card with a Boston theme- I think these are the ones I will get.

Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust: You had to know I would include something architectural! the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust exists to inspire an awareness, appreciation and understanding of architecture and design, in particular of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie period. I especially love the geometric design!

The Marine Mammal Center: The mission of the Marin Mammal Center is to expand knowledge about marine mammals—their health and that of their ocean environment—and to inspire their global conservation. Scuba diving is one of my favorite hobbies and the health of the ocean is so important to me. These Orca cards are beautiful (they also have cute sea otter ones too!)

Missouri Botanical Gardens: I definitely didn’t visit the Missouri Botanical Gardens enough when I lived in St. Louis- they are GORGEOUS. This image of the Chinese Garden in the snow is so peaceful and would be a beautiful card to use through the rest of winter.

Just think what good $2billion could do this holiday.


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