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December Rain

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While most of the state is enjoying a post Christmas foot of snow- and a good excuse to stay home from work- the city of Boston is being treated to the fun of 40 degree torrential downpours. I had an AWESOME commute this morning (did you know I walk to work???). To make it even better I learned – while crossing the street and stepping in puddles-  that there is a hole in my rain boots. But I’m looking on the bright side- this means I get to buy a new pair! I’ve had my current rain boots for almost 9 years- they have served me well. My aunt bought them for me at the Ferragamo Store in Soho right before I started college. This was well before the big “designer rain boot” trend took off and I have always gotten so many compliments on how cute and unique they are.

But now there are so many more options on the market. My biggest debate is deciding between knee high boots and short ones. My current boots are short and I love how lightweight they are and how they are fairly easy to pack. However the taller options certainly would cover more of my pants on days when the rain is sideways (oh- like today).

Here are a few options I’ve put together- please weigh in- I can’t decide!


Burberry platform boots I have a few burberry coats and while I don’t typically like things that SCREAM Burberry- I think the rainboots are a cute way to work the nova-check into your outfit.

Gucci Brogue-style Wellington boots These boots may look boring at first glance- but then you notice the cute brogue style detailing! Definitely the option if I want to get away with wearing them around the office tucked under my pants.

Hunter boots Is it just me or have Hunter boots become the Uggs of 2012? Everyone and their mother has a pair and I can’t decide if I’m sick of them, or in love.

Tretorn These little yellow guys would brighten up ANY rainy day- and as a bonus are the most affordable option.

RED Valentino buckle boots I have a serious thing for bows.

Prada Rubber Rain Boot (Women) | Nordstrom Another great option to wear tucked under pants as regular shoes.



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One thought on “December Rain

  1. Fashion over function any day!
    Go with the Red Valentino, definitely not the Hunter boots – ugh.

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