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To boo, or not to boo??- a Celtics Fan’s Question

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Sorry for the hiatus. Its been too cold to function! This morning it was 4 degrees when i woke up…….. 4!! I’m the first one to say “hey, I chose to live in Boston, move to Florida or shut up already” but to put it in perspective,  this day last year it was 56 degrees. So, lets just hope we get this bizarre cold spell over with soon!

Today I wanted to take a little sidestep from my normal content to talk about something VERY important to me. You may or may not know that one of my greatest splurges in life is Celtics season tickets. While we sell a good portion of the games, I am a big fan. BIG. HUGE. The Celtics have been such a big part of my life in Boston- literally the day we moved here was the 2008 championship game. It’s moments like that that lock you into fan-dom for life.

What you may not know is that up until last summer, my FAVORITE player was #20, Ray Allen. Don’t get me wrong, Paul Pierce, KG and Rondo are great, but I loved Ray Allen. I remember SO MANY amazing moments where that last second, game winning three, came from his sweet spot in corner of the court. I was AT the game when he passed Reggie Miller for the all time career 3 pointer record. His is the only jersey I own. I loved spotting his family at every game and I even pretended to like his wife’s tv show.

Ray Allen, I am not south beach

The Irony here is PAINFUL

Now if you don’t know the backstory- or never turned on ESPN last summer- Ray Allen left the Celtics for the Heat. The team that eliminated us from the playoffs. Lets be clear though. He wasn’t traded. He CHOSE to leave. He looked our team in the eye and said “THANKS, BUT NO THANKS. I”m taking the easy route, and I’d rather live out the rest of my career in the sun, coming off the bench and watching Lebron win my championships rather than WORKING hard as a team with you. Oh, and just so you know, I’d rather get PAID LESS then have to suffer through being here another year……….. and PS……… I hate Rondo.” And that was it. NO more Ubuntu. The next morning I had to make this amendment to the frame above our couch:

Traitor Ray Allen

I haven’t really turned back since. But, of course, THIS SUNDAY is the first home game against the Heat and I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little conflicted about how I feel about it. Usually, when a player who has gone to another team, returns to the Garden, the Celtics play an emotional highlight reel, thanking them for their career with the Celtics. This is admittedly lame- but they usually make me cry.  I wonder if anyone is daring to prepare one for Ray….. this is Boston- home of proud sports fans. I don’t care how cold it is today, I’m not gonna forget that summer night in July when I spotted the news on a local sport bar’s outdoor patio that our hero was joining the enemy. I don’t think I could watch a highlight reel of Ray Allen’s Celtics career without erupting into rage.

But if they don’t play the highlights, rubbing salt in our wounds, I still don’t know if I can keep my cool. Will anyone? I guess I can’t decide if I should just stand silent or join the expected roar of boos. And how will it go? Ray Allen doesn’t start anymore- so when are the boos going to begin? Is it going to be during the shoot around before the game? When he gets called off the bench?? What is going to happen when he lands his first three??? Will some crazy people still stand and cheer out of respect? Should I bring a sign?? I’m curious what Ray Allen thinks will happen……..

KG Ray Allen

Can his single act erase the good he did for our team? Can we acknowledge the good he did without feeling betrayed all over again? Can I keep it classy like KG and just ignore him? Or should I just scream and tell him how I really feel? Today is Thursday before the game, and I’m still conflicted. But I’ll keep you posted.


ps if you’re curious: the post-its are still there.


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