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Oscars Recap


Its almost embarrassing to admit that the reason I got to work tired this morning is because I watched six and half hours of Oscars coverage last night- but I’m sure I’m not the only one! What did you think of the show??? I had really mixed feelings. There were parts I loved: movie music between each segment, James Bond, Babs, THE STAGE and Daniel Radcliffe & Joseph Gordon-Levitt dancing (Seriously- could they BE more charming???)

But then there were so many questions: Does Kristen Stewart think sulking is a good look? Why does E! think that the mani-cam is a good idea??? Why do people think its cool or classy to share how much your diamonds are worth- especially when you don’t even own them?? Does wizard hair guarantee success in the movie production business? Why didn’t we perform songs that were actually nominated this year??? I mean I love Jennifer Hudson’s performance as much as anyone but couldn’t we have given that spot to Scar Jo singing “Before My Time”– which is an amazing song??? Did anyone doubt that Skyfall would win after NONE of the other songs got even close to the same coverage???

OK. rant complete. Now lets get into the fashion.

Best Dressed: I was loving the redheads! Jessica Chastain in Giorgio Armani and Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta kicked off the red carpet early with two dresses that I would DIE to wear:

Just look at the beading!!!! Seriously that dress must have weighed 10 pounds- but it was worth it.

Jessica Chastain

This was the perfect color for Amy. I love the ruffles. Can you imagine twirling around in this one?? This is the “successful” implementation of giant ballgown (see below for the fail).

Amy Adams

And then of course there was Catherine Zeta Jones wearing Zuhair Murad. Seriously- no one does red carpet like this woman. Everyone else just needs to bow down.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Fashion Flops: It was interesting- for the dresses I hated most, the women wearing them actually looked lovely. That being said:

I get that Reese Witherspoon just had a baby- but this Louis Vuitton dress pinched her in all the wrong ways. The boob cups? The bow? The hips??? Just. no.

Reese Witherspoon

Jennifer Lawrence was so very pretty- but looked like a baby lamb lost in a field of pink Dior fabric. This is a lovely dress- but it was WAY WAY WAY too much for her. First red flag of the night??? The fact that it took her three tries to say “Haute Couture”. Sorry Missy- but if you can’t pronounce it- you don’t deserve to wear it. She could barely walk down the red carpet- and you were maybe going to write it off that people were stepping on her but then……………

Jennifer Lawrence

…..she fell on the stairs on her way to accept her award.. With the least graceful recovery. Case in point?

Helen Hunt in H&M was an another fail. It feels mean criticizing a dress that probably cost $500 against ones that cost $10,000- but hey- when you can show up in ANYTHING and CHOOSE to wear this- you are opening up yourself to some serious criticism.I mean it looked fine- in a “you are 17 and heading to prom” sort of way… but the cheapness of the fabric was showing before she even made it halfway down the red-carpet.

Helen Hunt

OK thats enough about fashion. Lets talk the Stage!

This year, the Oscars stage was design by Tony Award-winning Production Designer Derek McLane. It was fairly straightforward, but perfectly glam. I liked that the addition of “mini stages” granted the actors shorter walks to the front. My favorite aspect that I couldn’t get over was the “stalactite” “stalagmite” lights that gave the stage a magical glow. Well the lights AND 100,000 Swarovski crystals.

oscar stage 2013

What were your favorite parts? Did I catch your favorite dress??? Did you like Seth McFarland??? Lastly- can someone end my ongoing debate with Nick about who is the best movie composer of all time (John Williams vs Hans Zimmer)??? We fought about it through the ENTIRE show- well – its an ongoing argument.


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3 thoughts on “Oscars Recap

  1. Neutrals & shimmer overpowered the red carpet at Oscars this year! Nice roundup. My vote goes for Amy!

    Love your blog (: You can check mine out at:

  2. HI – Williams is the man for the music – argument over. I loved Jessica’s dress, might be my favorite. I also loved Naomi Watts – it was different and I seem to prefer form fitting vs full. I agree on Jennifer Lawrence – too much dress. I thought the stage was a great design. I didnt really care for Seth, not sure if thats because I’m old or because he had stale jokes. It was a very LONG night. Some of the worst acceptance speeches I’ve ever seen. LOL!

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