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Scenes from the Boston Flower and Garden Show

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Hi there! I’m back! Where have I been?? Hiding under the covers avoiding the snow? Jetsetting around the globe to fabulous destinations (HA!) Nope, believe it or not- I’ve been working! I’ll let you swallow your shock. In all seriousness though, this blog is NOT my full time job and every once in a while my real one does pick up quite a bit. Engineering has its ups and downs based on project schedules and lately I’ve been designing buildings non stop.

I did happen to squeeze in a visit to the Boston Flower and Garden Show this past weekend. I had never been before and was happy we finally made the trip. It was a nice break to the endless winter we were having. I’m seriously craving Spring!!!


For the event, the entire World Trade Center Exhibition hall is transformed with several gardens of varying styles brought indoors.. I can’t imagine the amount of work that goes into setting this up. Not only do the exhibitors have to build up the planting areas, fill them with soil, plant all of the TREES, bushes, flowers etc, build patios and arrange seating areas, BUT THEN some of them even go so far as to install working waterfalls and fountains. I’m explaining this all poorly, but here are my best pictures. I’ll apologize in advance for any cameo appearances by Boston area grandmothers- they were swarming the place!


This was by far my favorite setup- not only did they have flowers and a gorgeous fountain- but do you see those “cages”?? THERE ARE REAL BIRDS IN THERE:


Nick was pretty much ready to move into this child’s playhouse- I can’t say I blame him:


There were also a bunch of vendors “peddling their wares…” Everything from wind-chimes and outdoor grills, to local honey and outdoor inspired art. I was in LOVE with these framed butterflies (I have a butterfly weakness).


Of course these gigantic garden displays are lovely if you own a house with a big yard and have $25,000+ to spend on landscaping, but for me and my current living situation, everything was more of a mental note for “someday”. Thats not to say there weren’t some more indoor friendly garden ideas. This Bonsai was out of control beautiful and I STILL am obsessed with terrariums. There was also an entire room of beautiful floral arrangements.


I can’t wait to go back next year! I really would recommend the event to anyone who finds themselves in Boston in late March. While I can’t promise that it won’t be winter outside, it was certainly a welcome taste of Spring.


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One thought on “Scenes from the Boston Flower and Garden Show

  1. Beautiful pictures, Erika. I love that cute little playhouse!

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