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Pillow Negotiations


I think that I mentioned a little while back that we are currently freshening up our bedroom. I can’t even describe how bad it had become. And not in a dirty hoarders kind of way, but in the way that when you live in a one bedroom apartment, there aren’t too many places to store things. The living room is the room you have to keep nice for guests, and so the bedroom quickly becomes the overflow for “everything else” (think: the drum-set from RockBand). I’ve  been trying to break the habit and we have been getting rid of quite a bit lately so now that I can actually SEE the top of the dresser- the next step is to invest in some new grownup furniture. I don’t mean custom $10,000 side tables- but at least an upgrade from IKEA.

Problem is, while we aren’t polar opposites, we can’t seem to agree on what direction we want to go. We both love neutral bedding and carpeting but while I’d like to stick with light/ white furniture, Nick prefers the dark contrast. It shoudln’t be giving me so much stress- but once we commit there is no turning back! I”m only dealing with the service elevator/ furniture delivery woes ONE TIME.

The lighter version:

White and Mint Neutral BedroomWhite Neutral Bedroom

And now with darker furniture:

Dark Contrast BedroomNeutral Bedding Dark Furniture2Neutral Bedding Dark Furniture

Actually I am really drawn to the indigo hues in the last photo….maybe I’m thinking TOO neutral?

Either way I want your opinions! Which do you prefer? Or do you love the little bit of color? And please for my sake, don’t quote that scene from Devil Wears Prada where they fight over WHICH turquoise belt to use because they are SOOOOoooo different. Because its been running through my head on repeat and I”m wondering what kind of crazy person I’ve become that THIS is the biggest anxiety in my life…..



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3 thoughts on “Pillow Negotiations

  1. Opinion: Go for something you can use over the years and perhaps transform as your tastes change. I recently redecorated my son’s bedroom (he is grown and now lives on the east coast) and believe it or not, the side tables are bureaus my grandmother bought for me when I was 12 years old. I have kept them over the years and painted them, fauxed them, changed hardward etc. So, perhaps lighter side tables that you could paint a dark gray, indigo etc. – there you go with a compromise! Lighter wood can easily be transformed..the darker woods cannot and tend to look “beaten up” after a few years of use. vh

  2. I like the contrasting pictures of 3, 4 & 5. It allows for masculinity without going too heavy. They are all gorgeous though. Can’t go too wrong with any of them.

  3. lol – I guess those monogramed pillows in the last photo remind the occupants what side of the bed to get into!

    I actually love the first room, it has such a tranquil yet fresh feel. And I am also partial to hydrangeas! I would swear those dressers in the last picture look just like the ones that are in my bedroom. You have given my some inspiration for my own makeover, I love the color scheme, but could pass on the birds!

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