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2013 Halloween Costumes

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I can’t believe that Halloween crept up on me so quickly! Probably because I still like to think its summer (wake up call: its not). Either way, time to start thinking about a costume! Today I decided to put together a list of some “culturally relevant” ideas for your enjoyment since last year’s list was such a big hit!

Its difficult to think of the biggest moments of 2013 that ALSO translate into a funny/ clever Halloween costume. And even if you come up with an idea, executing it so that you don’t have to explain who you are all night long is a whole other challenge! For example- lights out at the Superbowl, the NY Times review for Guy Fieri’s restaurant, Cronuts, etc- CLEVER- but how do you DO that? Here are a few ideas that I don’t think would be too hard to pull off:

Starting off, I thought it would be appropriate to do something scary. It IS Halloween after all. The show Walking Dead has everything you would want for a group costume- great characters from the show, and a team of horrifying zombies that can follow you around all night.

The Walking Dead 1.1 Days Gone By Behind The Scenes Andrew Lincoln

Daft Punk came out with their album Random Access Memories this year and it was an instant sensation. This CD was pretty much on repeat all summer in our apartment (and still is?) and I think the duo would make for an AWESOME costume. Maybe take old ski helmets and spray paint them gold and silver?


The MLB playoffs are in full swing, and there are so many players to dress as! I’m sure a lot of people in Boston are thinking: Big Papi with a Superman cape on (I mean, even a Yankees fan has to have some respect for that grand slam the other night) but the other star to emerge from that game is none other than Boston Police Officer Steve Horgan. Although good luck finding a friend to be Torii Hunter upside-down all night.


July seems like a faraway memory, but certainly we can’t forget the hoopla surrounding his Royal Highness Prince George. I’m certain some beautiful smiling brunettes with perfect blowouts will be walking around in blue polka dot dresses:

Prince George and Family

100% placing a bet that someone this Halloween will be dressed as Train Wreck Miley Cyrus- don’t forget your foam finger! (this would also make a great couples costume)

miley cyrus and robin thicke vma

And the more clever (classier??) variation being Miley as Michelle Bachmann on SNL:

Miley as Michelle Bachmann

Just in case you missed the video its here.

and on that same note of the shutdown.. I’m certain there will be a few costumes of government employees:

Astronauts…Smokey the Bear…The Statue of Liberty….

Karlie Kloss as Statue of Liberty

with the key additional accessory being a big “FURLOUGHED” sign on the front

Have you thought about your costume yet??? I’d love to hear some more ideas!!


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  1. Thanks for the reminder that I have to buy CANDY! Great post.

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