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Easy Entertaining: Roasted Radicchio and Carrots

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It always makes me so happy when someone tries one of the recipes I share here. While the recipes themselves are easy, I put a lot of effort into coming up with the ideas, testing, arranging the plate, photographing, and of course, writing about it. Which is why I was so pleased to find out that the #1 pinned photo from this blog is one of my favorite “easy entertaining” recipes for Baked Green Beans.

This week I decided to experiment with the recipe, swapping out summery green beans for radicchio and carrots. The results were a little different than I expected. Neither vegetable crisped up the way I would have hoped, so it would be difficult to serve them as an appetizer. HOWEVER, they were still delicious and would make for a perfect side dish! The colors are perfect for any fall dinner party.


Roasted Radicchio and Carrots

What you need:

  • 1 package small carrots
  • 2 medium heads of radicchio
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Grated Parmesan Cheese

Set the oven to 425. Cut the carrots and radicchio in quarters. Next, line a baking sheet with tinfoil and lightly coat the entire surface with olive oil (you can also use a mister or cooking spray). Arrange the vegetables by side and sprinkle with salt and pepper and the grated Parmesan. Put the sheet in the oven and bake for 15 minutes. Times may vary, but take them out when they are just starting to crisp. (note: the carrots probably need longer than the radicchio) Sprinkle with extra sea salt while they are still warm and serve.


Given that this recipe is EXACTLY the same as it was for the Green Beans, I think I’ve proven to myself how versatile it is and I’m guessing I could probably repeat for even more vegetables! Which ones will you try????


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One thought on “Easy Entertaining: Roasted Radicchio and Carrots

  1. I am certain that this would work well with sturdy green vegetables like asparagus and broccoli. Will try over the weekend and report back.

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