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Friday Bonus: Headbands and Bagels

Hi friends! Just wanted to share that today I am featured on Headbands and Bagels– a wonderful blog penned by my friend Elisabeth! We met in engineering school at WashU, bonding over shared loves such as Gossip Girl, the Yankees and of course- preppy style. Liz is one of my few friends from college that I have consistently kept in touch with- the engineering bond is for life! I am happy we just spent a week together in Baltimore at the Society of Women Engineers Annual Conference- here we are there with our friend Sarah in the middle:


The post features a Q&A about my personal style- with a bunch of bonus secrets and guilty pleasures mixed in. If you ever wanted to know more about me, now is your chance! Some of my favorite features on Liz’s blog are her “Whats on my Kindle” and “Wednesday Wishes“. She also has great food features and stories about her adventures in LA and around the world! Check her out and show her some love 🙂



Oh hi there.

OK. So I think I have some explaining to do. I fully want to apologize from dropping off the face of the blogging earth. The past two months have been stressful, and action packed (it IS summer afterall!) and while there were definitely a few days in there when I could have sneaked in some posts- I knew I couldn’t be consistent in getting back to this. But I have news! I have a new job!

This might not come as a surprise to many people, but I was pretty unmotivated in my job for quite some time. I tried not to bring it online but I’m sure there were glimmers of frustration dotted throughout my social media.  It was my first job after college, and after five years of trying to make it work- it just didn’t anymore. There were mornings in there where I WISHED I was too sick to go to work. I cried on the phone to my mom about how I didn’t know what to do. I think Nick was ready to declare me as certifiably insane. It’s a crippling and scary feeling to be in a job situation that isn’t working. But at some point, you need to move forward and decide what the next move is. I debated a lot of options: I took the GRE in a “maybe I”ll go to gradschool…” moment. I started researching life as a Landscape Architect (a secret passion of mine). I brainstormed a thousand ways I could monetize my blog. I even debated doing a commute to NY, living at home in my childhood room 5 days a week and working for my dad. But then there was always this little piece of me shouting out- REFUSING to give up on engineering. This has been my path since high school! So I applied to a position in the same field- and sure enough, less than a week later, I was in for an interview. It was a sign.

The new position is as a Waterfront Structural Engineer. The new job is for a smaller group, meaning I will get more responsibility. There will be more design and analysis and project management experience- I might even get to meet with clients! and the BEST PART??? I have a 5 minute walk to get there.

So we will see where it takes us. I have this ENTIRE week off to recharge before starting next Monday so I’m doing my best to plan out some great posts, and I promise you will see more of me here! The subjects I blog about are pretty far removed from my career interests, but I still find it so fun to look up and share these “beautiful” things.

Until Monday, its beach, pool, music, drinks, fun. In no specific order. Its been AGES since I’ve had a proper summer stay-cation.

boat picnic swimsuits and hats drinks swim lounge  pineapple summerSlim Aarons

How is your summer so far?? Share any news!


The 25.3 Mile Marathon

I was so excited and looking forward to sharing my weekend here today- and now I’m having trouble even finding words. When I woke up yesterday it was the most beautiful, sunny Spring morning. I literally popped out of bed at 5:30 with enthusiasm (those of you who know me KNOW how ridiculous this is) and hustled Nick to Trinity Church to meet his team and watch him board the buses to Hopkinton.

Marathon Cheering

I then spent the day with my family, driving to different points along the race course to cheer him on. It was exciting and SO FUN! We first spied him in Natick with the enthusiastic pep in his step, cheered him on in Wellsley at the half marathon point, and followed him all the way to Newton, to catch a glimpse of him struggling up the top of Heartbreak Hill.

Nick Heartbreak Hill

And then, well, he didn’t get to finish. MONTHS of training cut short at the 25.3 mile point. Instead our day ended in confusion, chaos and sadness. I can’t really describe the roller-coaster transition from one of the happiest highs- to one of the worst lows. We didn’t have a celebratory dinner like planned, instead we hustled home and glued ourselves to the TV, watching for updates while the sound of sirens and helicopters surrounded our apartment.

Marathon Monday is one of the biggest days in Boston. Heck — it IS  Boston. I think the only day that might be considered a bigger deal is when we have a duckboat parade after our sporting teams win a championship or maybe the 4th of July. Running is such a big part of our city and the marathon is our once a year celebration of that passion. We line the course with our banners and signs and SCREAM our hearts out for the people running and inspiring us.

I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around how much worse it could have been for us. If Nick had run a little faster we would have been right there across the street fr0m the explosions.

Marathon Ticket

So today I’m sad for so many reasons. 1. for Nick who was robbed of his first Marathon finish, 2. for my City- which was kicked down and ripped apart on its most celebratory day, and of course 3. for the families who weren’t as lucky as mine to be safe from the danger. My heart breaks for them especially.

I woke up this morning to another beautiful sunny Spring morning. But it was different. And while I KNOW we will bounce back even stronger – it will certainly take us some time to be back up and running.

Swan Boats on Marathon Monday


Happy Birthday to Me

yes! Even though its a freezing cold Monday morning, I’m sore from my run yesterday, and we have a big client printing at work…. NOTHING can bring me down because TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY. I’m so excited to find out what the big 2-7 has in store. I’d like to imagine I magically start living like Marie Antoinette. Lounging in a palace… calling on servants for my every need… playing dress-up with my wardrobe full of couture dresses and shoes… and eating endless amounts of cake (while magically keeping off the weight)

Marie Antoinette Birthday

Well, at least I can have the cake. And not just any cake- breakfast today is the very special chocolate sour cream cake of my youth with layers of raspberry jam and chocolate frosting. I’ve already cut you a slice 🙂

Chocolate Birthday Cake


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The one where my boyfriend goes on a cruise, and I stay home with the cats…

In July Nick told me that a few of his friends from work were planning a cruise and he wanted to know if I was ok with him going- I was even invited to come along. Well being the “cool” girlfriend that I am, I was more than happy to say “sure! go! have fun!” and declined on being the one girl on a trip of 4 single guys + Nick (I’ve seen real housewives NY- I hear it throws off the dynamic). Well, flash forward to this past weekend where I was packing up his summer clothing and sunglasses while its 55 degrees outside… When he asked in July, October was a distant thought- there was perfect weather outside- in fact, I think we were at the pool. Needless to say, I’m a little bitter than he’s sunning and snorkeling while I am freezing and at work.

his week

my week

But that doesn’t mean I can’t have a fun week. Actually, sometimes its nice to have alone time. There are so many “distractions” when you live with someone else, that quiet can be a luxury. Here’s my list of things I’m looking forward to enjoying:

1. Going Veg. I could never get away with living a week without meat when Nick is around- this week I”m pulling out the most adventurous vegetarian recipes I can find.

2. Light candles and dance around the house while blasting Florence and the Machine MTV Unplugged CD on repeat. Seriously, I cannot stop listening to it.


4.Finish Gone Girl while sitting under a cozy blanket, and drinking tea

5. Catch up on Gossip Girl. (which I am WAY too embarrassed to watch when Nick is home)

6. Stroll around the city with no agenda- maybe find a new boutique or favorite cafe- I’ll keep you posted 🙂

What are your favorite things to do when you have the house to yourself?