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Artwork by: Aldro T. Hibbard

In the ongoing saga of my love/ hate relationship with winter, today I would like to embrace the snowy landscape and share some works by Aldro T. Hibbard. I saw one of his paintings featured on the Boston Antiques Roadshow episode this week (no I’m not 90 years old. I’ve been a hopeless Roadshow lover since high school. whatcha gonna say about it?!) Either way, the piece was brought in by v.i.p. Mayor Menino who said it was discovered in the attic of a school in Dorchester. It was appraised for $50,000.

Antiques Roadshow Hibbard

So what merits the high price tag?? As the appraiser explained: “Some artists, when they paint snow, you see white paint,” ….“When you look at an Aldro Hibbard, you see SNOW.” and I think you will agree! The way each scene is painted truly captures the way the sun bounces off the bright whites and also the heaviness of the mounds of snow.

aldro hibbard1

Hibbard is the quintessential New England artist. He was born in Falmouth, MA in 1886 and died in Rockport, MA in 1972, where he had moved to in 1920. He was a founding member of the Rockport Art Association and a member of the Guild of Boston Artists, the National Academy of Design and the Conn. Academy of Fine Arts to name a few. He studied at the Massachusetts Normal Art School and then received a traveling scholarship from the Boston Museum School of Art. He frequently taught classes and workshops and influenced several other New England painters.

Aldro Hibbard 3

Most of the scenes he depicts are from New England and he is especially well known for his snowy scenes of the mountains in Vermont. The Vermont paintings are all in oil- Hibbard was a plein-air painter and any other medium would have frozen outside in the cold months of January and February.

Aldro Hibbard 2

So I hope you agree- there is some beauty in the stillness of the snow! (until I hate it again tomorrow)

How much would you love one of these paintings???