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Currently Loving: Botanical Prints

Maybe I’m just late to the party, but I keep spying amazing botanical/ animal prints EVERYWHERE.

It started with this image of Lee Radziwill’s Paris apartment. These botanical prints were a gift from the Duke of Beaufort and traveled with her allover the world to several different homes. Maybe because I’m a science nerd, or maybe because I love all things antique, but since I saw them, I’ve really fallen in love with the idea of having my own set of botanical prints.

Now I’m not a princess, and I don’t have a Duke gifting me prints from India, but I DO have quite good googling skills. Today I was so excited to purchase 8 beautiful prints for myself from this little shop on etsy. I can’t share a picture of them yet, but I’m already thinking about ways I can hang them. I went with lots of herbs and vegetables so I’m gravitating to hanging them in the kitchen, but it seems I could put them in any room in the house!

I’ll have to keep you all posted! Hope you are having a lovely week!