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One more beach day!

It seems absolutely crazy to write this post when it is 60 degrees and misting rain here in Boston, but I REFUSE to give up on summer! Come hell or high water, I WILL enjoy at least one more beach day before putting on boots and wool jackets. We have three weeks left and a great long weekend ahead of us!

cape cod biking magazines on the beach Race Point Beach

Nick and I have been very lucky this year to fill our time with trips to Cape Cod. (oh hi, yes. that is where I’ve been) To me there is nothing better than a day spent at/ in the ocean. I’m usually the one crazy person swimming in the cold water and could spend the ENTIRE day in the sun. (Although Nick usually pries me away for a little biking action.) I’m surprisingly minimalist when it comes to what to bring to the beach. I hate to lug 500 things from the car, so give me a blanket and magazine- maybe some blueberries- and I’m good to go. Sunscreen (I swear by Kiehl’s 50spf) is an absolute MUST as well. The rest of these items are also rather wonderful- because who DOESN’T want to match their umbrella to their paddleball game?

Beach Day


What are your beach essentials???



Hostess Gifts

Summer is so much about visiting friends and celebrating the season. Chances are, you will be attending one or two parties and as any good guest who wants to be invited back a second time, you are going to need to pick out a great hostess gift. This goes beyond the obligatory bottle of wine or case of Sam’s Summer. You want something for your host/ hostess to enjoy long after the guests have left. I’ve selected a few summery gifts in a few different price points here. Everything from cute cocktail napkins to a summery coffee table book. Try to pick something you know the recipient will use- do they LOVE to garden?? Why not these cute printed gardening tools? Are they more of a grill master? How about a set of seasonings and rubs? You really can’t go wrong.

Hostess Gifts
Tip for the wise: I like to keep a few gifts on hand in the house, just in case I don’t have time to find something before a spontaneous party. If I never give them away, I can always use them for myself!

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April Wishlist

WHY IS IT STILL COLD??? Seriously- I can’t believe how chilly its been lately! Spring is supposed to be warm! Or at least sunny. I’ve gotten neither. I’m supposed to be running in a 5k next weekend and my training has been seriously derailed by the weather. Its super windy and cloudy… maybe this is why my April wishlist is on the edgy side (for me at least).

April Wishlist
  1. This Skull Bracelet would look cute on its own OR stacked up with other bracelets
  2. Madewell has ELEVEN different washes of chambray shirts this season. Such an easy breezy Spring look!
  3. I love the unique shape and mix of materials of this Felix Rey clutch
  4. Tortoise frames in a classic shape- these Ralph Lauren Sunglasses have to get some use in the sun sooner or later!
  5. J.Crew came out with a great line of watches this season- especially this vintage-esque aviator watch
  6. I don’t know if I’m “cool” enough to pull off this parka jacket– but I’m in love either way- added bonus that it converts to a vest!
  7. I can’t never own enough Bloch flats. They are a ballet shoe company which means they are SO soft and comfortable.


Inspiration from above….

Have you seen this month’s Veranda??? I stopped in my tracks when I saw the Atlanta home of Danielle Rollins- especially the bar:

Astrology inspired rooms

The room was inspired by the ceiling at Grand Central Station in NY and the family’s zodiacs are the ones painted on the ceiling. Its no surprise the designer, Miles Redd, felt inspired, I bump into at least 10 people every time I find myself at Grand Central because I’m looking up instead of in front of me. I know I look like the ultimate tourist, but I can’t help it- there is something so inspirational and awe inspiring about gazing at the stars…even if they are painted ones.

Astrology inspired rooms- grand central

A quick search around the internet, and it seems I’m not the only one to agree.Ā  Neither Grand Central nor the Rollins house are the first with ceilings paying tribute to the constellations:

So the question of the day: do you embrace astrology??? For me, its more of a fun game than a way of life- but I know people who won’t get out of bed in the morning without consulting their horoscope. I’m an Aries: headstrong, independent and COMPETITIVE- although sometimes very gullible. Even if I don’t always agree with my horoscope, I DO love wearing red and buying trinkets with rams on them. If you are looking for a ways to mix astrology items in your life, and don’t exactly have the budget to redo an entire room in the house, you will be happy to see these zodiac themed items that are little more wallet friendly-Virgos and Taurus especially šŸ˜‰

What's your Sign??


Waiting for Lambs….and a March wishlist

Welcome March! This has to be my one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE months of the year. While it is probably biased by the fact it is my birthday month, who ISN’T with me in celebrating the change of seasons? Its actually light out when I leave work, I’m pulling warmer weather clothes back into the rotation, I can walk around the city in flats (read: FINALLY-not snowboots!!!), and of course- I’m starting to see green and flowers again. They say March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb- lets hope for lots more lamb then lion!

In celebration of the warmer weather I put together this quick wishlist of spring-y, pastel items that are currently catching my eye. Cough cough if you are my family – these would all look wonderful tied up with bows on the 25th!!!

March Wishlist
  1. It might be warmer, but its not 80 degrees yet. This Burberry Trench will always be a Spring classic.
  2. In love with these bangles from Margaret Elizabeth. Wear one alone or stack a few different colors together!
  3. Another Classic. You can’t go wrong with a striped oxford from Ralph Lauren.
  4. I have an adorable pair of green tweed Charles Philip Shanghai slippers-seriously the most comfortable chic shoes! I’m eying these for a more springy look!Ā  Butterflies!
  5. Gorgeous colors, a delicate print, what DON’T I love about this scarf from Athena Procopio??
  6. While Diptyque’s Feu de Bois has been burning all winter, its time for a change. Enter Mimosa.
  7. The quilted bag trend never seems to go away. I love the color and size of this Marc Jacobs one.
  8. Again. Just because it’s warmer doesn’t’ mean I can completely ditch the sweaters-the colorblocked colors on this J.Crew cardigan make me extra happy.