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Gift Guide for the Bar and Home

Continuing this week with more gift guides! Today I’m featuring gifts for bar and home- perfect for the hosts and foodies in your life!

Gifts for the Bar and Home
1. As you may know, I LOVE astrology trinkets- these constellation note cards would make lovely birthday or thankyou notes!
2. The best candles are ones that last even once the wax is gone as beautiful jars you can use around the house.
3. I saw this cocktail book in a store on Charles Street- would make a perfect gift for anyone who is looking to shake up their drink repertoire (pun intended)! The book focuses on infusing each drink with seasonal flavors such as fresh ginger and summer plums.
4. While the summer season seems AGES away (seriously Boston? 21 degrees this morning??) this herb kit would make for a lovely gift- a promise of warm weather to come!
5. If you are gifting someone a bottle of wine, its always a nice touch to include a bottle opener or topper- and how festive is this gold bow???
6. For the foodie who has EVERYTHING- Fruit Chipotle Hawaiian Black Sea Salt. Who knew such things even existed!
7. Bitters. You either have them or you don’t. But most likely you never have them when you are looking to use them. This set has a great assortment of flavors
8. I once was at a party and one of the guests brought three dozen oysters as a gift for the host- weren’t they the best ever!?
9. Call me traditional, but sometimes the best gifts aren’t the fun novelty items but the treasures that you will have forever. While you probably would never go to a store and buy yourself a silver bowl- how pretty would one look say, by the front door so you can toss your keys in it, in the kitchen filled with lemons and limes, on a bookshelf filled with matchbooks, etc. And every time you notice it you think of it as the special gift it is!
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Traversing the snow and thinking about Spring..

Did you hear? It snowed 22 inches this past weekend in Boston. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen so much snowfall… I remember when I was little this used to mean exciting things like snow days and making forts in the mountain of snow at the bottom of our driveway, but now its more like “ugh. whole foods is closed- how will I eat?!” While the snow IS very pretty while it lasts, in a city that window isn’t long. There are 8 foot mountains of dirty snow everywhere they can shove it and three lane roads are down to only 1. The struggle back and forth between the plows and the guys shoveling the sidewalks has made for very interesting walking around the city- at the end of each street is an OCEAN of slush. Its kind of like a maze to just get where you need to be! It doesn’t help that its been sunny and 40 degrees since Monday….

So I”m over it. Rant complete. Now I’m looking forward to Spring. Here are a few images that are keeping me going. You can find all of the sources on my pinterest page aptly named “Gardens”:

Garden 4 Garden 1 Garden 2 Garden 3

There is also a great garden sale on One Kings Lane today if you feel inspired to pick up a few items in anticipation. Here are a few of my favorites:

Perched RabbitWeathered Garden Lanterns

Garden BirdhousesCrackle Planters

1. This little Perched Rabbit would look SO CUTE peeking out of a flower bed. I would name him fluffy.

2. I imagine putting glowing white candles in these weathered lanterns. And then of course sitting on the patio drinking wine at twighlight.

3. Cant decide if I would cluster these garden birdhouses all together or scatter them around different trees- but they are so whimsical- I love them

4. You can never have enough containers- and at $39 for a set of 2 these little crackle planters are a great find