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Architecture of the Olympics

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As I mentioned in my post about the Art of the Olympics, the Olympics are a beautiful time for any one who enjoys Art and Architecture. Not only is a country funding the creation of amazing new structures by world class architects, BUT they also are all in the same place and the world devotes their attention to them for 2 full weeks. Olympic Park is kind of like a museum of architecture that I enjoy like a starry eyed child. These are a few of my favorites:

Birdseye view of Olympic Park

Of all of the Olympic venues, I think my favorite architecturally is the beautiful Velodrome. I had never heard the word Velodrome until recently- evidently it is a track for indoor cycling. The architecture of the building does a fabulous job of reflecting the curves of the course inside and the contours of the surrounding landscape.


Another favorite of mine is the interior of the aquatics center- I’m not exactly the biggest fan of the abstract butterfly stroke like exterior- but the interior has beautiful concrete curves and lighting.

Aquatics Center

Diving Platforms at Aquatics Center

A big aspect of the Architecture of the Olympics this year is sustainable design. The “Copper Box” features rainwater collection systems and is lit by natural light. The copper is from recycled sources and the bricks are molded out of construction dust.

The “Copper Box”

The Basketball Arena and Shooting Ranges are also very sustainable in that they can be broken down and shipped to another sporting event in the future. This is exciting news for countries that might not have the funds to host the Olympic games- as the cost of these buildings is a big financial responsibility for each host nation.

Basketball Stadium

Shooting Range

There are also the buildings that you might have not heard about yet. The unsung heroes of Olympic Park that aren’t hosting any sporting events. The Coca-Cola Beatbox is a neat building/musical instrument that plays different sounds when you walk past. The panels are sensitive to movement and touch and I can only imagine what it is like when there is a mill of Olympics attendees standing all around.

Coca Cola Beatbox

beautiful meadows around the park

And then I just have to note this amazing little pump station. I won’t get into what it is pumping, but it has a green roof, a precast facade with etchings of 19th century engineering drawings and MAGENTA tanks. I design pump stations for a living and let me tell you- this one is extra special.

Pump Station

So… which building at the Olympics has been your favorite so far?


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